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San Miguel Homes for Sale

 San Miguel Homes for Sale

 Live Out Your Dreams & Retire to San Miguel de Allende

Retiring in San Miguel offers the perfect location for enjoying art, history, and culture in a magically tranquil yet bustling city. Ranked as one of the top ten most desired cities in the world to retire in by several international publications, San Miguel de Allende makes retiring in Mexico a dream come true.

A charming city, with well-preserved architecture, “eternal spring” climate, a bustling art and foodie scene, and one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, it’s no wonder that expats are flocking to retire in San Miguel.
If you are thinking of retiring to San Miguel you will find exceptional real estate values and relatively low property taxes, access to exceptional Health Care, and a colorful lifestyle that lends the perfect way to make yourself at home.

The AAPR named Mexico as the #1 place to retire on the globe and those who choose to retire in San Miguel will agree that there is no better place to live out your retirement dreams.

San Miguel de Allende is a city of gorgeous vistas, beautiful historical architecture, and warm, friendly people. It is a sophisticated city full of art schools, galleries, and music venues for opera, symphony and theatre. In addition, there are plenty of golf courses and golf course communities like Ventanas de San Miguel, tennis courts, health spas, wonderful restaurants and great shopping for retirees and visitors alike.

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