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can be the key to improving sales
The following information can give you an idea of ​​the opportunity that could be exploited with a well positioned website in Google, Yahoo, Bing or MSN:
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SEO Costa Rica
• 89% of users use the Internet to find information for their work or study (D'Alessio IROL).
• The results of the first page produce 90% of clicks on search engines. (Progressive Ideas, Inc.)
• 62% of the clicks made ​​by users on the first page of results of searches are conducted in the area of ​​Organic SEO (SEO) (Marketing Sherpa / Enquiro).
• 36% of users in search engines like Google believe that the results that come out of the first are the best companies in each field. (Progressive Ideas, Inc.)
• 50% of new visitors to a site come from search engines. (Hitwise).

What you should know about
search engine optimization service / SEO

     Is very powerful.
     The data show that the most effective of all online marketing techniques. In seekers originate most of the Web site visits and are generally higher quality visits.

     Results may take a while to arrive.
     We must be clear: this is a process that takes work and time to get results, but once that's done, is the most effective way to be found online. The effort and time required, usually dependent on the level of competition in the industry is given in which to compete. To achieve this, we offer support packages that ensure the achievement of its objectives in the medium term.

     The SEO is not a one time effort
     Part of the success in the job search engine positioning is consistency and systematic work. Work will be performed periodically, following a line of work and effective criteria, based on relevant information and data.

     Your website must meet certain preconditions.
     Search engine optimization is based on the premise that Google (or any other search engine) can read the full content of your website, and that the content is relevant under the terms that you care.