miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2012

costa rica one day tour

Water & Fire in Paradise Tour
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Leaving from San José, we take the Pan-American Highway towards the city of Alajuela known as “mangos city”. As we ascend, we will see coffee plantations, as well as fern, flowers and strawberry farms along the way, creating a beautiful landscape. 

The first step will be at Freddo Fresas restaurant where we enjoy a delicious costarican typical breakfast.

We will continue our trip towards the Caribbean, stopping to discover the first spectacular destination La Paz Waterfall Gardens, nature park and wildlife refuge. 

We offer different exhibits: aviary where you enjoy toucans, tanagers, scarlet macaws, as you will see some of the most exotic and colorful birds of Costa Rica without binoculars, insects exhibit, butterfly observatory in a enclosed structure that allows over 20 different species of butterflies to soar freely while guest walk amid the natural habitat, monkeys pass that show you species such as: spider and white faced monkeys, also this is the only documented place in the world to find 24 hummingbirds species, our museum quality serpentarium exhibits 30 of the most beautiful and deadly snakes of Costa Rica: bushmaster, terciopelo. 

We keep walking on the wild side to observe the jungle cats as ocelot, puma, jaguar, margay, take a walk through our ranarium to see the poison dart frogs and leaf frogs are everywhere, right next to we have La Casita de la Paz to enjoy life as it was a hundred years ago in Costa Rica, after this we go to Colibries Restaurant to enjoy a excellent buffet lunch.

Finally we follow the trails which take you above, below and right next to awesome waterfalls such as: el templo y magia blanca finishing with unforgettable memories of this paradise.