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Arenal Packages 4 Days/3 Nights

Arenal Packages 4 Days/3 Nights

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

305 848-5725 / 323 952-7679
(506) 2268 0412 - Mobile (506) 8821 8342

Getaway Report

Jungle Bungalows with Spectacular Volcano Views

The green, tropical base of Arenal Volcano's nearly symmetrical sides pushes up more than a mile the sky, culminating in craggy gloom. From Lavas Tacotal, the active volcano seems to be perched atop hundreds of acres of lush rainforest. 

The jungle spreads up to the resort as well, invading the senses as flowering plants waft foreign perfumes through the air, exotic birds call, and a hodgepodge of distant, hidden wildlife buzzes, hums, and hoots.

In each standard deluxe or luxury suite, a private balcony overlooks the mammoth volcano. High wooden ceilings create a spacious atmosphere above either two cushion-topped queen-size beds or one king-size bed covered in bright, tropical-weight linens. Local art adds a laid-back vibe, and the satellite TV, the mini refrigerator, and the air conditioning provide modern comforts after guests spend hours immersed in the wild. 

La Fortuna: Stunning Natural Beauty Close to Cultural Sophistication

While Lavas Tacotal clings to verdant, overgrown cliffs, steep waterfalls cascade down mountainsides at the nearby La Paz Waterfall Gardens, where preserved rainforest habitats also host monkeys, birds, more than 4,000 butterflies, and a 200-pound jaguar. 

Another daytrip jungle option is to take local eco-tours, which frequently include kayaking, whitewater rafting, or mountain biking underneath a cool, green canopy. 

About 140 kilometers south in San Jose, the Gold Museum hosts thousands of golden pre-Columbian artifacts to hide from South American leprechauns. 

Aside from exploring hundreds of excellent eateries in the center of town, those looking for a bite to eat in San Jose can find freshly baked churros and locally grown mangos.